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Bursts of jasmine, iris, and pink pepper oppose the fresh pineapple, hyacinth, and citrus juice notes.

The nocturnal floral patch has been mitigated by a dark and plush musky undertone and earthy vetiver embedding it in an ineffable mist.

Suspiro Accept is the epitome of pure sophistication. From the kick-off with citrus to the warm base notes Suspiro Accept preserves a naughty elegant aura. The symphony begins with citrus, followed by a rare pineapple note with a delicate sweetness that rounds out the welcome.

A complex sequence of floral, spicy notes of jasmine, iris, and pink pepper is found in the heart. Finally, Suspiro Accept is rounded off with a warm, embracing a blend of patchouli, ambergris, musk, and vanilla and provides the final respectful bow to this unusual fragrance.

The Luxury Suspiro fragrance collection is presented in collaboration with the perfume house of Khalis. Masterful perfume creations of the highest quality that are unrivaled anywhere. The best raw materials form the basis for the perfumer and offer him the opportunity to accomplish the finest perfume creations.

The love for special perfumes is not only evident in the exceptional fragrances but also in the exquisitely created flacons crowned with a massive gold metal cap.

“This perfume is similar to Accento Xerjoff V Collection”

Fragrance Notes:
  • Top Notes: Hyacinth and ripe Indian pineapple
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine and Madagascar pink pepper
  • Base Notes: Musk, vanilla, vetiver and green leaves, patchouli and amber


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