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One of those icy, biting mornings. Pink pepper. The sun peeks through the heavy grey clouds. Oil of clary sage. The wind slips beneath your clothes. Juniper berry. Morning dew soaks the grass. At last the stable, the wooden tack room doors, the burning scent of leather, wood, amber and honey. An age-old odour. Green maté absolute. The soft whinny of the horse. Oil of flouve. The smell of freedom. The leather gathers in the wind, the grass warms with the wood. Tonka bean absolute. Irish Leather gallops off into the horizon.

Capturing icy, biting mornings spent on horseback on Irish hillsides, Irish Leather by Khalis Perfumes unites keynotes of aromatic, resinous juniper, rich, smoky leather and herbal green mate. Unfolding with richer layers of amber and birch, delicately sweet iris and tonka bean and fragrant, spicy pink pepper and sage streaked with fresh, grassy flouve, this is a complex, intoxicating scent that lingers on the skin gorgeously. As luxe as fragrance gets, Khalis Perfume products are housed in gorgeously decorated, heavy-glass bottles that are sure to make a stunning addition to any beauty collection.

Irish Style by Khalis has a blend of leather, berries, spice and tonka bean. This perfume makes an amazing gift. Fragrance lasts all day with traces on clothes the next day.

The sophisticated fragrance emanates a feel-good factor and appeals to the traditionally rooted, yet modern individual. A joyful and bright floral fragrance for everybody.

“This Fragrance is similar to Irish Leather by Memo”

Fragrance Notes:
  • Top Notes: Lemon, Pepper
  • Middle Notes: Carrot, Orris Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Vetiver, and Amber.


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